Smallfield Riding School Local Authority Licensed and Fully Insured Tel: 07590214579 email:
Smallfield Riding School Local Authority Licensed and Fully Insured Tel:  07590214579 email:   


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Smallfield Riding School & Liveries can now offer to assessment the Brownies

for their Rider Badge.


Besides having a lot of fun each Brownie receives a Certificate of  Achievement

plus, of course, their rider badge.


1. Dress safely for riding and know why you must wear a hard hat and suitable


2. Show how to:

**approach a pony correctly 
**catch a pony and put on a head collar/halter 
**lead a pony in hand.

3. Do each of the following:

**mount and dismount correctly 
**ride a quiet pony in an enclosed area without a leading rein 
**halt, walk, turn and trot safely.

4. Know how to ride along a road, cross a road and say 'thank you'.

5. Know the basic needs of a grass-kept pony in summer and winter, such as feeding,

watering and grooming.

6.Do each of the following. 

**identify the simple points of a pony or horse 
**identify the simple parts of a saddle and bridle. 


We currently hold 100% pass rate for all Brownies of any ability -

from begineers to experienced.


Price is £25 per rider.






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