Smallfield Riding School Local Authority Licensed and Fully Insured SEN WELCOME Tel: 07590214579 email:
Smallfield Riding School Local Authority Licensed and Fully Insured SEN WELCOME        Tel:  07590214579 email:   

Kids Club





                                                                                                                                 Kids Club is every other Saturday and is for one hour - £20              


Come and join the fun!  Learn how to Catch and lead a pony, put on and take off a headcollar, bridle and saddle.  Learn all about the importance of grooming, how to groom and the names and uses of the grooming kit.  Find out the difference between keeping a pony at grass and stabled.   Learn how to muck out and set a bed. Finish with fun and games on a pony; apple bobbing, egg and spoon race, relay and so on!!!.


Smallfield Riding School    Broadbridge Lane, Smallfield, Horley RH6 9RF

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Kids Club                           Don't forget to book in for  - Kids Club every other Saturday.  10.30am - 11.30am £15